Rain Scented Candles To Freshen Up Your Home

Candles that smell like rain can be a wonderful way to energize your home with an earthy aroma that will bring the freshness of nature indoors. If you love the unique scent of petrichor or even thunderstorm, infuse your space with rain scented candles; these fragrances will make you feel like walking outdoors while gentle rain pattering over your head; hmm, total relaxation!

After the Rain Candle West Clay Company

If you love early morning walks after night rain showers when the air is filled with wet stone and moss notes, then you will love this After The Rain Candle. The earthy aroma of this candle includes a blend of balsamic sandalwood, sweet water lotus, herbaceous sage leaf and bittery oak moss to create a comforting feel so you can relax your body and mind.

After the Rain Candle West Clay Company

  • ethically made nontoxic coconut wax candle
  • inspired by the fresh scent the ground has after the rain with notes of rain mist, sea salt, wet stone, sage leaf, ivy water lotus, oak moss, sandalwood and rose petals
  • hand poured in Sarasota, Florida

The After The Rain Candle by West Clay Company is made of coconut wax which is one of the best candle wax types; it burns longer and cleaner than other waxes. Poured into a clear glass jar, labeled with a simple sky-blue label and topped with a gold lid, this candle makes a lovely décor element and a nice gift too.

Colonial Candle Rain Showers Aromatherapy Candle

Candles that smell rain are the perfect choice for those who look for a scent that is crips enough to refresh the space but not overwhelming or too strong. With green and aquatic tones, the Colonial Candle Rain Showers Aromatherapy Candle could be precisely what you need. The fragrances blended into this candle include ozone for cleanliness, lotus flower for earthiness and jasmine for a bit of sweetness so the result is an amazing, calming scent that is perfect to relieve stress and anxiety.

Colonial Candle 116290 Rain Showers Aromatherapy Candle

  • 16-ounce candle from the Wellness collection, proudly poured in the USA
  • comforting aroma with the crispness of a fresh rain shower and with earthy undertones
  • soy wax blend with an approximate burn time of 60 hour

This 16-ounce candle is made of soy blend wax and pure essential oils and comes with a snug-fitting wooden lid to capture fragrance until you are ready to light them up. Two cotton wicks ensure the ideal aroma release, so it is strong enough to scent larger rooms pleasantly.

D.S. & Durga Scented Candle Big Sur After Rain

Do you also love the way how the ocean coast smells after a light rain? Then the Big Sur After The Rain candle may be just what you need! Featuring energizing eucalyptus, calming magnolia, and earthy wet wood tones, the scent of this candle will make you feel like driving down the Californian coast; no wonder why it was after named Big Sur, the longest and most scenic coastline in the US.

D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle

  • luxurious scented candle capturing the comforting essence of the Californian coastal stretch
  • woodsy-aquatic refreshing aroma containing eucalyptus and oceanic notes
  • made in small batches using premium-sourced raw materials, all scents are created exclusively in-house

These 7-ounce candles come in an amber jar and feature a basic black on white design label. They may be a little pricy indeed, but the price reflects the unique artistry that goes into each fragrance since they are blended in small batches. My opinion that this aquatic-woodsy aroma is best used as a bedroom candle because it feels so calming.

Crazy Strong Caribbean Rain 2-Wick Candle

If you are looking for an aroma that has rainy aquatic notes mixed with fresh sea scent, why not try this beautiful Crazy Strong Caribbean Rain Candle? This is an excellent candle for spring including fragrances that will remind you of that special aroma that a tropical rain leaves on a Caribbean Island. The aroma of earthy sage, spicy amber, fresh green plants and clean ozone gives this aroma brightness and liveliness.

Crazy Strong Caribbean Rain 2-Wick Candle

  • 13 oz. candle with 16% pure fragrance oil in each candle, 50% more fragrance than most brands
  • fresh tropical rain scent, coolly layered with amber sand, sage leaf and beachside greenery
  • clean and luxurious design with a fine gold foil signature and luxurious gold lid

You can expect up to 70 hours of burn time from this tropical rain scented candle that comes in a beautiful jar topped with luxurious golden lid. The soy wax blend is mixed with 16% fragrance oil for the maximum load of scent which makes this one of the strongest rain scented candles!

Village Candle Rain Apothecary Jar Scented Candle

If you love a candle that cleans the air while it scents it, the Village Candle Rain Apothecary Jar Scented Candle may be just what you are looking for. In addition to lily and amber, this candle offers the scent of bergamot making it a surprisingly crips yet still warming aroma choice that will refresh your home like hard rain washes away all the dirt and stickiness that can collect in the city.

Village Candle Rain Large Glass Apothecary Jar Scented Candle

  • pure, rich And vibrant blue-colored food grade paraffin wax fragranced by the world's finest scented oils
  • fresh notes of rain, bergamot, lily and amber
  • unique dual wick technology for a consistent fragrance release, longer burn time and less soot

This is a 21-ounce candle made of the highest quality food grade paraffin wax and natural essential oils for a clean burn. Thanks to Village Candle’s pioneered dual wick technology, you can expect an even burn and consistent aroma release from this product. Personally, I recommend this candle to use in bigger rooms because it has a strong throw so it might be overwhelming in small rooms.

Dio Candle Store Thunderstorm Petrichor Scented Soy Candle

If you love the smell of fresh rain on dry earth, you can enjoy the scent of a storm without all the hazards thanks to petrichor scented candles! The Dio Candle Store Thunderstorm candle that smells like petrichor will offer delicious freshness pairing a wonderful earthy scent with just a bit if greenery and floral notes.

Dio Candle Store Thunderstorm Candle Petrichor Scented

  • 100% soy wax premium candle
  • fresh-warm aroma profile with summer rain scent
  • in reusable recyclable glass jar

This is a pleasantly scented candle, perfect for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances. Packed nicely in a 4-ounce jar that can easily be reused thanks to the screw-on lid, this candle may be a perfect addition to those relaxing afternoons when you want to smell that irresistible aroma when it’s about to rain.

Yankee Candle Fresh Rain Candle

Make your house smell fresh with this popular scent from Yankee Candle! The Fresh Rain candle smells like nature after a passing shower; it combines the clean tang of rosemary with the crisp edge of apple and the sweetness of roses.

Yankee Candle Fresh Rain Large Candle

  • specially created candle for optimal performance indoors and outdoors
  • fresh fragrance filled with notes of crisp apple, rose, and rosemary
  • in stylish tin vessel with decorative natural wooden lid

This candle is the perfect choice for those who live in a city environment and want to enjoy a very natural aroma in their apartment, but also for those living in the countryside and looking for a candle to complement their patio décor since this candle can be used even outdoors thanks to the special wax formula which can withstand higher temperatures.

The decorative, stone-looking tin vessel has quite a big diameter; it is 5 inches across and weighs 1.7 pounds. You will need to wait for quite a while until the wax becomes liquid all across the surface to avoid tunneling, so light it only when you know you can leave it burning for a longer time.

Wicks+Scents Desert Rain Wooden Wick Soy Candle

Those who live in the desert understand what a gift the rain is; desert rain smells like relief as the land soaks up that blessed moisture. To experience this unique aroma, try this desert rain wooden wick soy candle. With fresh citrus and creamy coconut on a woody-musky base, burning this candle will bring a unique desert rain aroma into your home mixed with the scent of blooming cactuses.

Wicks+Scents Desert Rain Wooden Wick Soy Candle

  • all natural candle made from renewable wax using US-grown soybean
  • clean- and fresh-scented fragrance with green and citrus top notes, coconut and floral heart notes on musk-wood base
  • with wooden wick that crackles when lit

The wooden wick that crackles when lit adds an auditory treat to the wonderful fragrance of this candle line. Made from US-grown soybean, these candles are all-natural and long-burning; you can expect up to 70 hours of burn time from them. The pretty jars come with metal lids and can easily be re-purposed once empty.

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