Candles That Look Like Desserts And Smell Amazing

If you’re trying to add a wonderful scent to your house, having candles that look like desserts on the table can be quite cheerful. The fragrance of these realistic dessert candles can also give your home the fragrance of baking without having to fire up the oven.

ALTALUNE Soy Wax Cinnamon and Berries Ice Cream Candle

Of my favorite home scenting candles that look like desserts, the pretty ALTALUNE Soy Wax Cinnamon & Berries Ice Cream Candle will give your house a fresh, sweet scent of celebration and autumn. It is a great unique gift idea for any occasion available with various assorted mini sweets designs such as Purple Caramel Toffee and Orange French Vanilla.

ALTALUNE Cinnamon & Berries Ice Cream Scented Candle Gift

  • gorgeous melting ice cream sundae sup scented candle inspired by afternoon tea
  • delicate sweet fragrance of honeyed berries with spicy notes of cinnamon sticks
  • handmade with natural soy wax

You can enjoy 15 hours of burn time from this nearly 12-ounce candle and enjoy a pretty glass ice cream dish for future use. Your guests will be charmed by this pretty cut-glass dish, and this candle would make an excellent gift.

Candelit Desserts Bakery Box Cupcake Candles

If you love the idea of candles that look like cakes, the set of Candelit Desserts Bakery Box Cupcake Candles will be a welcome addition to your collection. These bright and pretty cupcakes will be delivered in a plastic cupcake container that looks a great deal like a recyclable plastic container.

Bakery Box of Four Cupcake Candles

  • 4 standard size cupcake candles in a clear clamshell bakery box
  • handmade product with wonderful design: birthday cake, fruit loops, blueberry and dreamsicle
  • look realistic and provide a long-lasting fragrance even unlit

The scents and designs in this set include Birthday Cake, Blueberry, Dreamsicle and Fruit Loops. Each of these food-looking candle presentations is about 5 ounces and has sprinkles or fruit on top. To avoid causing confusion, you may want to light these as your guests arrive, so nobody is disappointed!

Strawberry Crunch Luxury Scented Dessert Candle

If you love candles that smell like desserts, the rich berry scent of this strawberry-scented candle is an excellent choice. This pretty dessert candle offers up to 60 hours of burn time and includes removable wax melts for days when you don’t want to burn a candle.

Strawberry Crunch Dessert Shaped Scented

  • handcrafted candle scented with fresh strawberries and sweet strawberry drizzle
  • 100% soy wax with cotton wick, offers 50-60 hours burn time
  • Bonus: the Nila wafer, fruit and graham cracker can be removed and used as wax melts

This candle does stick out above the top of the container, so make sure you start it out on a dish to catch any drips. Consider displaying it for a time before you light it so you can enjoy the handiwork of this remarkably realistic candle.

Orentas French Vanilla Ice Cream Candle

The Orentas Natural Soybeam French Vanilla Candle is a lovely two-candle set with a gorgeous combination of flowers and vanilla bean pods. Inside this set are two decorative candles, one a cube loaded with vanilla-scented soy candle and one with purple ice cream shape with a delicate floral fragrance.

Orentas Scented Ice Cream Candles Set

  • relax, soothe, restore and balance your body and mind with this exquisite ice-cream design soy wax candle
  • non-toxic, long burning, made with organic essential oils and has a 100% cotton wick
  • great gift for a friend, loved one or house decor gifts

These lovely candles are lightly scented adding a soothing, natural fragrance to your space. If you agree that scented candles are ideal for setting a certain tone in the house, this pretty set can serve as a gift for someone else, or for yourself!

Birthday Cake Soy Candle

The pretty sprinkles may be deceiving, but let your family and friends know that this Birthday Cake Soy Candle is completely inedible. The scents are layered as is the icing. The top layer includes a scent of crème fraiche, then a layer of vanilla, then the rich buttercream icing. If you want to scent your home to feel like a birthday party, this is a fantastic choice!

Happy Birthday Hand Poured Soy Candle

  • 12oz glass jar all natural candle with cotton wick
  • with wonderful fragrance that begins with top notes of creme fraiche followed by vanilla and buttercream
  • extra cupcake wax melt on top

This scented candle is more than 1.5 pounds and almost 10 inches tall, so you can expect up to 50 hours of burn time from this heavy-bottomed jar that you can use again as you prefer. There is a pretty froth of “icing” that extends past the top of the jar, so be sure you put something under this candle for the first few burns.

Waffle Cake Shaped Decorative Chocolate Scented Candle

The adorable Waffle Cake Shaped Candle is a lot of detail in a 3 inch cube. This is a highly realistic candle, so make sure your guests know that it is not edible. From first light to final drip of wax, this candle will give off a luscious scent of coffee and chocolate.

Waffle Cake Shaped Decorative Chocolate Scented Candle

  • coffee and chocolate scented waffle shaped candle
  • great gift for a friend, loved one or an even better treat for yourself for all occasions
  • made with 100% natural soy wax and lead free cotton

Whenever you are looking to decorate a brunch, a special breakfast, or a special dinner party, this aromatherapy candle makes a great addition to any occasion! They look good enough to eat, but do not consume, just enjoy the wonderful fragrance it emits!

Strawberry Shortcake Realistic Dessert Candle

The lovely Strawberry Shortcake Candle is a fantastic addition to your kitchen or dining table that offers many layers of fragrance and more than 150 hours of burn time. This 12 ounce candle will start with a strawberry scent. The next layer down includes a luscious white cake scent while the bottom layer will fill your house with warm vanilla aroma.

Strawberry Shortcake Soy Candle

  • stylish dessert candle with wonderful fragrance including notes of fresh strawberries, sweetened shortbread, and whipped cream
  • eco-friendly 100% soy wax in a sustainable jar and lead-free cotton wick
  • handmade and poured in the USA, offers 155 hours of burn time

This wonderfully smelling dessert-shaped candle has a large, heavy-duty glass base. It can be reused for pillar candles when the wax has faded.

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