Best Scented Candles For Bedroom For Perfect Relaxation

Keeping your bedroom fresh-smelling can be as much about fragrances as it is about bedding. To make sure that your sleeping space helps you to wind down, to snuggle in or to rise up to face a busy day, treat yourself to one of these best scented candles for bedroom below.

Lulu Candles – Fresh Linen

Of all the candles for bedroom, the clean-smelling Fresh Linen from Lulu Candles is a lovely choice. If you love a minimalist design, not only the pure aroma but also the simple black and white label will support your favorite decorating style if you place this candle into your home.

Lulu Candles Highly Scented & Long Lasting Soy Jar Candle Fresh Linen

  • not too over-powering, fresh unisex scent
  • made with eco-friendly soy wax, free of harmful toxins, clean burning
  • handcrafted in USA, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free product

The fresh linen fragrance is created by a combination of pure essential oils to fill the room with uplifting fragrance but won’t irritate your breathing passages. This soy candle features a cotton wick and up to 45 hours of burn

LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine Scented Candle

The lovely scent of jasmine makes the LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine one of the best scented candles for bedroom. You can enjoy the lovely scent of this night-blooming flower that will fill your home with a pleasant, long-lasting aroma that will certainly help you to unwind at the end of the day.

LA JOLIE MUSE Scented Candle Jasmine

  • wonderful jasmine blossom aroma that offers a sweet floral tone with a fresh finish
  • luxurious design; comes in high quality white-tinted heavy glass and packaged in an exclusive, black, gold and cream detailing signature box
  • made with natural wax and plant-based ingredients to burn clean and smoke-free

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, LA JOLIE comes in a beautiful jar with its own lid and will ship out in a decorative box. Both jar and box can be reused in the future. You can enjoy up to 65 hours of burn time with this candle.

Benevolence LA Store Rose & Sandalwood All Natural Soy Candle

If you’re looking for an elegant and romantic candle for bedroom, the Benevolence LA Store Rose & Sandalwood Soy Candle is an ideal option. It features floral and woody notes (rose and sandalwood), offering relaxation and creating a sense of calm and coziness.

Premium Rose & Sandalwood Aromatherapy Candle with Matte Black Glass Gift Box

  • classy and sophisticated fragrance with powerful garden floral and bountiful woody notes
  • natural soy way with unique blend of finest essential oils that are entirely free from toxins, paraffin and harmful residues
  • wonderful gift that comes in a matte black, gold-stamped box

This is one of the best scented candles for bedroom use, particularly if your sleeping space is decorated in classic style. This soy candle is poured in a black matte glass holder and packaged in an elegant gift box to match.

Sweet Water Decor Lavender and Sage Candle

If you love a clean, fresh scent but aren’t keen on sweet aromas, the Sweet Water Decor Lavender and Sage is a wonderful option. Both sage and lavender essential oils are used in products to promote relaxation, so if your fragrance goals include a scent that is inherently clean, this is a great candle to light anytime during the day when you wish to freshen the space and relax your mind.

Sweet Water Decor Lavender-Sage Candle

  • calming and refreshing fragrance, perfect to burn in your bedroom after a long day
  • functional and stylish product, perfect accessory for any home
  • American grown soy wax blend that is gluten, lead and phthalate free

The Sweet Water line of scented home accessories are sold in milky white jars and feature a tidy white label with little fuss so these candles can perfectly blend in with any style no matter your home is decorated in a modern or a rusting style.

Chesapeake Bay Balance And Harmony Scented Candle

If you like to meditate before bed, the Chesapeake Bay Balance And Harmony Scented Candle may be just what you need to center your mind and support your spirit. This soy wax candle features water lily and pear notes to create a calming, lovely fragrance that makes this product one of the best scented candles for bedroom to support your relaxation.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Balance + Harmony

  • fresh and sweet blend with tropical water lily, fresh floral notes, pear and peach hint
  • skillfully enhanced fragrance created with all natural essential oils
  • designed and poured in the USA, made with soy wax blend and lead-free wick

The Balance and Harmony line is sold in a frosted aquamarine tone jar with a wooden top. When you light the candle, the light of the flame will shine through the frosted glass creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. For the best aroma experience, get the matching Balance + Harmony Reed Diffuser too!

Benevolence Los Angeles Eucalyptus & Orange Soy Candle

Too often, aromatic candles have either feministic floral or spicier masculine aroma. However, the Benevolence line is designed to provide a quality home fragrance to any shopper, whether you like a sweet floral fragrance or something a bit woodsier. This Eucalyptus & Orange Soy Candle is ideally suited to anyone who is looking for the best candles for bedroom that offer a clean fragrance for relaxation and a bit of citrus zing for focus.

Benevolence Los Angeles Eucalyptus & Orange Wood Wicked Candles

  • Eucalyptus and Orange essential oil aroma to promote relaxation and prepare for better night's sleep
  • 6 oz organic candle that burns for at least 35 hours without residue and toxins
  • elegant jar, black and gold gift packaging

This candle is poured into a frosted orange class and has a sharp-looking white label with orange accents in addition to the simple black text. With elegant packaging, black and gold gift box, it makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones or the perfect treat for yourself!

Craft & Kin White Sage Wood Wicked Candle

White sage is a fragrance that allows you to shed the frustrations and fuss of your day. To that end, the Craft & Kin White Sage is an excellent bedroom candle to use if you struggle to fall asleep. The clarifying, soothing scent with just an edge of sweetness helps to create a fresh, relaxing environment so you can prepare for the night.

Craft & Kin White Sage Aromatherapy Candle

  • highly scented and long-lasting scent with calming and relaxing notes of white sage
  • 100% natural soy wax scented with premium essential oils and has a 100% wood wick
  • sophisticated, clean design makes it an excellent gift for any occasion

The simple white frosted jar has an old-fashioned metal-toned lid and a classic black on white label. This candle also offers a wooden wick, which will add the crisp, crackling sound of wood burning as you scent your bedroom.

Nest Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Candle

The Nest Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Candle is a refreshing choice that is perfect for those who use to light candles in the morning to get energized for the day. In addition to a citrus burst to add a feeling of warm tropical sun, the nest candle also offers scents of praline and musk for warmth.

Nest Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Classic Candle

  • energizing aroma with juicy Sicilian tangerine blended with mango, bergamot and passionfruit
  • a classic shape glass jar to fit any home and complement any décor
  • with premium cosmetic-grade wax for a clean burn and optimized fragrance diffusion

This refined wax candle is poured in a pretty glass holder with frosted stripes to suit any decor. It’s scented with bergamot as well for an elegant touch. The Nest line is sold in a classy box for gift giving as well.

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Best bedroom candles

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