Best Seven Scented Candles For Spring

As we slowly get closer to warm weather after a dreary and long winter, the thought of welcoming spring is sweet. Your home is your refuge, and one beautiful way to embrace the change of seasons is to stock up on mood-lifting, aromatic accessories. Scented candles that will make your home smell like spring will freshen your home with their energizing aroma and floral scent. I’ve picked out the seven best candles for spring below.

What are the best spring candle scents

Spring signifies renewal and starting anew, so the best candles for spring should embody this atmosphere. The perfect spring aroma will vary from person to person, but generally, they all represent freshness and bloom.

Floral scented candle for Spring

Floral tones are among the most popular spring scents like peony, gardenia, waterlily, wisteria, and jasmine, but airy-earthy notes such as bamboo, clover, white oak, cedar and palm leaves are also popular that represent nature’s awakening. To create a refreshing ambience in your home, you can also choose energizing citrusy fragrances for example bergamot or sweet orange.

The best spring candles reviewed here blend such notes effortlessly to create a light but lasting fragrance that smells clean and sunny.

7 Best Spring Candles

Since there are hundreds of candles you can use to scent your home, I have picked out some favorites to give you an idea of which ones will perfume the air and smell the best below:

Aromatique Store The Smell of Spring Candle

The sweet blend of rose, green hyacinth, pineapple, and jasmine combine beautifully with a light hint of lily of the valley in this perfect spring candle. It comes hand-poured to ensure the quality, and it uses cotton wicks and ethically sourced containers to make it an eco-friendly option.

Aromatique The Smell of Spring Scented Jar Candle

  • wonderful spring garden scent with the fragrances of hyacinth, jasmine, and rose, touched lightly with lily of the valley
  • eco-friendly product made with a proprietary wax blend and cotton wicks
  • classic, pure white colored candle poured into an elegant glass cube container

The light floral scent will trickle out from the candle to give you a room-filling scent, and the wax will stay contained in an elegant square glass container. It offers up to 56 hours of burn time, and this pretty pure white candle will blend seamlessly with your spring décor.

Yankee Candle Lilac Blossoms

Lilac Blossom is an immensely popular Yankee candle scent that embodies springtime. This candle is the perfect size at 22-ounces to give you a longer burn time and a delightful and sweet lilac scent that will make your entire house smell amazing.

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Lilac Blossoms

  • premium-grade mineral wax blended with just the right amount of fragrance oil
  • perfect scent for spring with lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs notes
  • long-lasting candle with 110 to 150 hour burn time

You can relax on those lazy afternoons and bask in the room-filling aroma this candle produces. It will transport you to a grove full of lavender and purple lilacs, and each candle has high-grade paraffin wax with a true-to-life scent. The long burning time of 110-150 hours will give you plenty of time to enjoy this highly fragranced candle.

Just Makes Scents Orange Blossom Spring Floral Scented Candle

When looking for the best spring scented candle don’t miss out on the Orange Blossom from Just Makes Scents. It has an enticingly aromatic and attractive fresh, citrusy, and sweet aroma that is both uplifting and sensual. This bold fragrance can lift your mood, and the candle smells fantastic whether you burn it or not.

Orange Blossom Scented Blended Soy Candle

  • strong spring floral fragrance that will make you feel like living next to an orange grove
  • sweet, citrusy, fresh, and romantically pleasant fragrance that is strong yet not overpowering
  • made with the highest quality blended soy wax, metal free wicks, and premium fragrance oils

As a bonus, this perfect spring candle uses eco-friendly soy wax with a paper fiber and cotton wick that is smoke-free and self-trimming. It is hand-poured to ensure very high quality, and you’ll get a sleek hexagonal-shaped jar with a lid that sits nicely on any coffee table or end table in your home.

White Barn Bath and Body Works Lemon Mint Leaf Spring Scent

Anyone who loves the slightly sharp but refreshing scent of mint and lemon will adore this candle to help freshen up your home. It is a soy wax candle in a larger size with three wicks to maximize your burn time and disperse the scent throughout your room.

White Barn Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Spring Candle

  • 3-wick candle with refreshing lemon-mint leaf scent
  • long-lasting, burns approximately for 25-45 hours
  • comes in a pretty jar, makes a great gift or home décor

Choosing this White Barn Bath and Body Works spring candle, you will get a 25 to 45 hour burn time, and this is plenty of time to relax and breathe in this clean and energizing scent. As a bonus, it comes with a decorative jar and silver lid to turn the candle into a pretty décor piece.

GRACEHOUR Store Spring Scented Tin Candle

You can’t have scented candles for spring without lily and freesia, and this pretty candle from GRACEHOUR delivers this aroma with a candle neatly packed into a decorative tin. This dual cotton wick candle made out of pure soy wax with natural essential oils to make the scent last longer.

GRACEHOUR Store Spring Scented Tin Candle for Home

  • aromatherapy candle infused with essential oil fragrances, allowing for a more pronounced but not overpowering scent
  • enhanced fresh aroma with freesia and lilyflower
  • poured into an exclusively designed print tin to add a beautiful spring sense to your home

The floral smell is strong without being overpowering and brings a feeling of spring right into your room. It will burn between 20 and 30 hours with a non-toxic and biodegradable wick. The fun container is easy to clean out and reuse making it an eco-friendly choice.

Bridgewater Spring Dress Candle

Spring scents recall the renewal of nature; this candle with a warm mahogany undertone and a hint of citrus supporting the magnolia and peony top notes is a fine example of what a perfect spring candle should smell like. It has a soy-blend wax that burns very cleanly, and the cotton wicks are eco-friendly.

Bridgewater Candle Soy Wax Blend Fragranced Jar Candle

  • clean-burning soy-blend wax candles with timeless fragrances created in-house
  • spring scent with feminine blossoms of peony and magnolia surrounded by sparkling citrus and warmed with mahogany
  • comes in an elegant glass jar and a black ceramic lid

This spring candle scent is inviting and warm and comes neatly packed into an eight-ounce reusable jar. It makes a perfect gift, and the best is that each purchase can provide three meals for children in need.

Tuscany Candle Spring Rain

Tuscany candles allow you to introduce a soothing aroma into your home with a highly fragranced, dual-wick candle. With this specific one, you’ll get an invigorating, refreshing scent with light floral notes that smell like the countryside after rain.

Tuscany Spring Rain Candle

  • highly fragranced candle, with ozonic mist with amber
  • features a large glass vessel with a bronzed lid and bright colored mottled wax
  • provides a clean and even burn that will fill your home with beautiful and enticing aroma

The essential oil content makes the smell strong without being overpowering, but it can quickly fill a room. Pretty glass jar allows you to watch the candle burn down, and the bronzed lid is an attractive decorative piece.

I have highlighted the seven best candles for spring and you can mix and match to get the perfect scent to welcome spring into your home!

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