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Bedroom Scents – Tips & Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Smell Good

Clean, fresh and lightly fragranced with a comforting, relaxing aroma; this is how we all want our bedroom to smell. As we spend a third of life in this room, it is important to keep its linens clean and its air pure so that it provides us tranquillity where we can recharge our body and mind or have intimate moments. To create the right atmosphere, learning tips and tricks on how to keep it free of anything smelly is as important as finding the right bedroom scents, and this is what I will summarize in this guide.

What are the best bedroom scents?

Everyone has personal fragrance preferences, but we all agree that the best bedroom scents are those that create a peaceful atmosphere, help unwind and promote one’s night recreation.

People generally use lavender scent for better sleep which is an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia, but there are many other relaxing bedroom scents. No matter what your fragrance preference is, you find aromas with calming effects in all scent families like citrusy bergamot, sweet floral jasmine or woody rosemary.

lavender in vase near window

Besides being used for sleep, the bedroom is also where intimate moments happen, so you may choose romantic aromas. Such scents are also comforting and help unwind but usually are richer and exotic (like rose, sandalwood, vanilla) or feature aphrodisiacal qualities so they can help set the mood.

Those who like using aromas in the morning or often study in their bedroom can try refreshing, earthy or minty scents too that will make one feel energized and improve concentration. Use such aromas with caution in the afternoon or before bedtime because they can have a stimulating effect.

fresh flowers next to bed

If you don’t like such signature scents, I listed above but still want to make your bedroom smell clean, pick a light natural aroma like clean linens which will evoke the smell of laundry drying in the sun making the room feel fresh.

Natural ways of freshening up your bedroom

Add some plants

A little greenery in the form of plants is the best way of naturally freshening your home. Plants are not only decorative, but thanks to their air-purifying properties they help improve the air quality by filtering out toxins, bacteria, mold spores and adding more oxygen.

green plants in the bedroom

To choose the best plants for the bedroom, make sure that they tolerate the conditions of your room. Some plants prefer shade, while others direct sunlight, they all have different humidity needs and maintenance levels, but don’t worry, there are many species that thrive even between non-ideal conditions or if you neglect them.

Tips to keep your bedroom smelling fresh and clean

Ensure proper ventilation

Many people experience that their bedroom smells bad in the morning. Usually, this happens in rooms where the doors and windows are consistently closed, or there is no window at all. At night, carbon dioxide gets trapped along with bacteria from your breath and sweating causing foul odors.

bedroom with terrace door open

Poor ventilation in the bedroom causes not only unpleasant smells but affects the sleeping quality, may lead to health issues and even damage in the apartment/house too. If air doesn’t circulate well, moisture can’t escape resulting in humidity fluctuation and over time, mold growth in the damp, dark areas of the room.

mold around bedroom window

Taking small actions, such as airing out the room, ensuring that the vents are open or leaving the window cracked at night helps get rid of stale air. In case you sleep in a room with no window, installing a ceiling fan or buying a quiet air purifier could be the solution. If the air quality is not improving in your bedroom after trying all these, get a professional to check if your walls are properly insulated and/or the windows are sealed.

Deodorize the carpet

A soft and stylish carpet is still the most popular bedroom flooring option for many reasons. It will not only make the room a lot cozier and create a luxurious feel, but also reduce noise and give a comfortable, warm feeling when stepping on it.

wall to wall carpet in bedroom

As a downside, carpets hold onto dust, pollen and bacteria that over time may cause mold growth on them making them smell musty, especially if you live in a humid environment. In order to keep your carpet smelling fresh and allergen-free, vacuum and deodorize it frequently and opt for a professional cleaning from time to time.

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